Austria in short....

Samstag, 27.03.2010


Now I’m here in Premia since a bit more than a week and still didn’t write about how I got hereWinken

After ONE long week in Germany I made my way to Vienna! The trip from Dresden to Vienna itself was pretty good; I even survived the train stop in Prague Winken!!  

But not everything was fine… the sad part is that I lost one of my beloved dream-catcher earrings Weinen So if somebody found it in Dresden main station platform 1 between 22.00 and 23.00 please give it back to me… I can’t stop crying Winken It looks as followed:




The next morning I arrived at around 6am in Vienna/ Austria. AND Eva picked me up… yes Adrian believe it or not but she DID NOT forget me there. But the first day nothing really happened… OK it hadn’t been my first time in Vienna so I did all the sightseeing before. BUT one thing I found out… street signs in Austria look totally different, a bit nicer I would say than in Germany. At the evening we saw the Musical “Tanz der Vampire” (eng.: Dance of the Vampires?!)… it was a really great one, thank you Eva… even we almost got no tickets for it, because Eva is kind of old and not so fast anymore WinkenWinkenWinken


In front of the theatre in Vienna


The next day was THE day, THE day why I went to Austria in first place…. NIKLAS!!! First of all I didn’t mean to scare that little boy… but he asked for it!! The story in short is that Niklas always thought he has to comment everything and took his mouth to full Winken Eva and I had a lot of Sushi, like always, and shared as with Niklas, cause he LOVES sushi (not really)!! But when I think about those days I Austria I have to say I never ate sooooooo much within 2 days!!! The best of the whole Austria trip was our little excursion to the chocolate museum…. We ate and ate and ate as much chocolate as possible, oh and we drank chocolate OK Eva had more than I had BUT she had been in better shape before… or is it because she is just more used to it?! After half of the tour I was already feeling like vomiting… and I guess I’ll never eat chocolate again Winken

 Chocolate museumEva (somewhere in the background Hungary and Slovenia)Me enjoying me drink- chocolate :)

I had to leave Austria at Wednesday at 10pm. So what is the best time to start repacking and thinking about the weight limit?! Exactly, 6pm on Wednesday!!! J After packing and repacking I decided to let some stuff in Austria and hope that Eva will send it to me (meanwhile she did, so thank you again!!)…  BUT when I already have too much stuff when I GO to Barcelona…. How I am supposed to get my stuff back home???????? Well, I hope the airlines decided to get up with the weight limit til then Winken 

 At the end random pics of Austria... more pics like always on facebook Unschuldig

Graz GrazGraz

Well..... enjoy your day!!! Cool

Long, long time ago....

Samstag, 20.03.2010

Hello everyone...

I know it had been awhile (and this already in the beginning Unschuldig) but I had been kind of busy the last 2 weeks!!

Here a short summary of everything that happened in between...

1. I finished my internship @ Intourist in Moscow Lachanfall

2. I flew back to Germany

3. I spent 1 week in German, meeting a few friends and getting all my stuff from another place!!!

4.1 week vacation in Austria @ Eva's Cool

5. Arriving in Premia de Mar/ Barcelona, Spain!

6. Having a great time!!

 To the past points I will write extra posts! :)))

Germany - Spain...

Montag, 08.02.2010

... is going to be a trip through half Europe!!!!

 Since it would be kind of boring to go directly from Moscow to Germany and after 2 weeks further to Spain I'm going to Austria in between!! Cool

The countdowns:

15 days             working

24 days            until I will be back in Germany

5 weeks            until Austria

6 weeks           until I will meet the sun again!!! I can't wait to go to  Spain!!!

 BTW: I need presents to take with me to Spain... any ideas???

The Decision

Samstag, 23.01.2010

After having the possibility to choose between Spain, Iceland, Norway and Finland I decided to spend my upcoming months in Barcelona/ Spain.

But before I can enjoy the sea, the sun and my new life there is plenty to organize for which isn't really easy to do while sitting in Moscow.  :) But this is almost over and then a new counrty is awaiting me :) and then you will get to know (almost) everything about it :)

 AND one last thing: Thank's to one of my (i would say) friends for telling me all the things about Spain and places I NEED to go :)

BUT if anyone has other ideas just tell me and I will try to get there :)